Viking Kid

Viking | Facial Rigging Animation

Thales simonato vikingpose v3

Viking Kid | Final Render

Thales simonato viking concept

Viking Kid | Final Render

Thales simonato vikingpose facebookcover2
Thales simonato vikingkid face board

Test face shader

Viking | Making Of

Viking Kid


Hey guys!! I'm so glad that we finally finish this project! It has been a long journey!
Please! Check my friend's portfolio! They are amazing! All credits bellow.
Also, A special thanks to Tribbo Post ( that put their renderfarm available to render the animation. They've made 8-days-one-machine render into 20 hours render. Thanks guys!

Extra links, making of and stills:


Concept art: Pedro Junior [ ]
Rigging | Luis Fernando [ ]
Animation | Nico Taro [ ]
Modeling, Look dev, Hair, Render | Thales Simonato [ ]

I really hope you enjoy this project! If so, spread the word and share with your friends!

Thank you guys!